Double victory for T°RED FACTORY RACING in the eleventh round of the Italian
Fixed Championship in Carmignano di Brenta with Elena Valentini and Facundo Lezica

Carmignano di Brenta, August 04th 2018 – Double success for T°RED FACTORY RACING – Frigerio Viaggi
in the eleventh round of the Italian Fixed Championship in Carmignano di Brenta with Elena Valentini and
Facundo Lezica. A triumph of the team directed by Romolo Stanco and Erica Marson who has found the
road to victory thanks to an absolute technical cocktail. Just in these days the European Cycling
Championships are taking place in Glasgow and the Italian national sprinter Luca Ceci is using the same
bike that brought the two victories in the fixed test of Carmignano.
Difficult route, fast with technical features and a demanding stretch of pavé that has put a strain on
athletes and mechanical means. The T°RED FACTORY RACING has brought in the race 10 athletes. In
qualifying Lezica made the void dubbing even the second classified while Alex Verardo, Marco
Cecchinato, Piergiacomo Marcolina and Simone Omarini were easily qualified for the final A. Sergio
Cagliari, Gabriele Verardo, Eros Tonin and Claudio Campi started in the final B and almost getting to the
podium, denied to Cagliari only by contact with an opponent at the last corner.
But it was the end of the women’s race to exalt the show for the large audience crowded along the way.
After three laps of the race, only 4 athletes remained in the leading group: Elena Valentini, bearer of the
T°RED FACTORY RACING colors, Jasmine Dotti, twice fixed world champion, Angela Perin and Virginia
Cancellieri. Surprisingly, 15 laps from the end, Elena Valentini forced the pace by pushing a very long
gear that allowed her to gain seconds at each lap. A solitary ride that has almost led to the catch all
the opponents and to reach the finish line along the entire final straight with arms raised. Great happiness
for the Bozen girl who returned to the competitions after the injury of Brooklyn and placed his third seal in
the season.
In the male A final the first row of the grid is all T°RED “blue”.
The five riders of the T°RED FACTORY RACING team immediately forced the rhythm knowing the value
of the opponents in the race, among the first in the national ranking.
Cecchinato, Verardo and Lezica have forced the group at an unbearable rate for many by creating a
selection and reducing the platoon to a dozen or so elements.
Halfway through the race Lezica, defined by the race reporter, the “director of the race” launches the
decisive attack on the starting straight with an impressive pedaling frequency, the result of last month’s
track races. Only Giovanni Longo and Andrea Tincani held the Lezica pace with difficulty. On the last lap
Tincani comes off due to a technical problem, leaving the sprint to Lezica and Longo. The Argentine of the
T°RED FACTORY RACING launches the sprint at one hundred and fifty meters from the finish, alongside
and overcomes the opponent and triumphs with raised arms.
An incredible domain that launches the T°RED FACTORY RACING – Frigerio Viaggi at the command of
the Italian team classification, making the right prize for the sacrifices and the level of the riders and the
team. There are still several objectives to be achieved for this season which is proving to be full of
successes for the Lombard team.
Next meeting in Switzerland for a GP on the track and the Zurich Crit on 18 August.