When a Paralympic race has riders such as Alex Zanardi in the starting list, it is immediately evident the absolute level of the competition.
A two-day race with a parterre of international level kissed by an almost summer sun has opened the season of the T°RED FACTORY RACING PARALYMPIC TEAM with a bronze medal won in the time trial by Claudio Campi and a “virtual” silver always in the time trial for the tandem Meroni / Marcolina then “frozen” by the judges for discrepancies in the timekeeping that in any case would not have questioned the result of the TREDDERS couple.

The first day opened with two unsatisfactory results for the team’s athletes. The tandem was marred by problems with the transmission and forced the couple to a 6th place that does not respect the trend of the race in which Meroni and Marcolina have always conducted the race with confidence.
At the first official race with the new uniforms but with material coming from last season the two strong guys of the tandem accepted the result confiding in the rematch at time trial the day after.
The race of Claudio Campi instead was all attack, in command for all seven laps of the Versilia circuit the Milanese-Roman athlete has tried the attack to the middle of the last lap trying to keep up the pace of the Italian champion and vice-champion of the world, bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics Fabio Anobile. A desperate attack by an athlete of the group at the entrance of the last corner forced Campi against the barriers and avoided falling, but he had to start again from a standstill position on the last straight. Campi’s reaction was devastating and allowed him to reach the group at -200 from the finish line but while Anobile alone cut the finish line, the effort to rejoin the group forced Campi to settle for a bitter 4th place.

The sun on Sunday morning was accompanied by an annoying wind on the race track but the desire for revenge of the TREDDERS was not to be expected. At the start of the time trial Tandem Meroni / Marcolina arrived with a great desire for revenge. The powerful pedaling and the long ratio of Piergiacomo Marcolina sprung from the growing engine of Stefano Meroni led them to achieve the second absolute time, only 20″ from the leading pair.
Great time trial also by Claudio Campi who brought his LevrieroTT to third place, ending exhausted also because of the great energy expenditure of the previous day.

An error in timing has deprived Meroni and Marcolina of their silver medal. The race was in fact neutralized due to some errors in the timing of the following racing tandems that would not have compromised the result of the TREDDERS.
The result, however, leaves very good feelings for the next races and for the official debut of the FIXED team at the second round of the Fixed Italian Cup in Milan, scheduled for Saturday, April 14th.