The T°RED Factory Racing Team Frigerio Viaggi returns from the American Red Hook and
conquers the regional championship with an incredible teamwork.

Biringhello, May 5th 2018 – An intense afternoon at the Biringhello circuit where the races were held to
assign the fixed regional champion’s jersey.
The T°RED FACTORY RACING team presented itself with Marco Cecchinato and Facundo Lezica, both
just returning from Brooklyn’s Red Hook, Alex Verardo and Claudio Campi, all ready to fight to continue
the positive results of the team in Italy and abroad.
Claudio Campi‘s race in qualification and Final B sees him more and more confident with the track, full of
bends, slowdowns and raises. During the final B, anticipated due to the uncertain weather, he climbed
several positions confirming his ability to accelerate the pace in a continuous crescendo.
Lezica, Cecchinato and Verardo refine the preparation during qualifying (where they arrive first, third and
fifth respectively) and study the best strategies to conquer the circuit, the podium and the jersey.
Final A again anticipated for the weather, the T°RED team immediately shows the teamwork and the level
of physical and technical preparation that led them to the race.
Alex Verardo is the first to escape, with a solitary action that puts the group in crisis by lengthening it for
almost half a circuit. A devastating action that has challenged many of the title claimants. In one lap,
Verardo created a gap of 15 seconds behind him, forcing the group to make a great effort to get it back.
As soon as the group regained firmness, on the straight of arrival, here is the shot of Lezica and
Cecchinato with two competitors (Simone Cerio and Andrea Mantovani) trying to stay in the wake of the
sprint. The lead quartet continues to gain ground and move away from the rest of the opponents in a
continuous change at the head of the race while the athletes test and challenge without ever being able to
escape. Verardo controls the group of pursuers with authority and sacrifice preventing anyone trying to
reach the head to move from the group and maintain the 5-6 constant place.
The bell announcing the last lap is followed by small shots in the lead, but it will be the last curve and the
final sprint to decree the winner, with a shot of power of Lezica followed closely by Cecchinato and
Simone Cerio, uncertain on last curve.
Immediately after the pursuers close in the lead which is also confirmed Verardo.
Enthusiasm of the public on site and at a distance thanks to the direct posting on the social networks that
has seen support from Argentina to support their countrymen in a format of competitions still rarely
practiced in the land of fire.
Manaia RHC continues to show its bike skills thought and designed for use with fixed gear, even in such a
technical path as that of the Biringhello track.
Romolo Stanco, Team Principal and Head of Design at T°RED Bikes comments “it is an honor to have
been able to work on a high performance bike, and to see it darting along with athletes I respect a lot and
working in a team to bring home the result is very, very exciting. I can not wait to see them splash at the
start of Berlin. The Manaia are ready, their legs show more and more that they are able to exploit them to
the fullest.”
Erica Marson T°RED Bikes manager and team CEO “We could not create a better team, smiles, fun,
enthusiasm, sacrifice and result. Seeing the blue jerseys of our team side by side remember the domains
of the best teams of F1 but in our team there are no rivalries, just a common goal.”
Facundo Lezica winner “T°RED gave me an incredible bike: the same with which Letizia Paternoster won
the European in Anadia and Benjamin Thomas the Omnium at the French championships. I’m happy to
have Marco on the podium because this emphasizes the result of the team exalted by the great work of
Alex Verardo that allowed us to attack at the right time.”
Giairo Ermeti vice-president T°RED FACTORY RACING, former professional cyclist: “The guys were
very good, serious runners on the track and exceptional guys out. Facundo gave more motivation to an
already very strong team. It’s his second fixed gear race on the road and he’s already a man to beat.”
Giancarlo Frigerio sponsors of T°RED FACTORY RACING: “It’s always an emotion to hear the team and
watch it run live or from a distance. A united team, capable of great results, ready to go to Berlin and bring
together the passion that unites us. An honor to be at their side.”
Next appointment is at the 100 laps opening the season at the Pier Giovanni Mecchia Velodrome in
Portogruaro (Venice) on May 10th, with the aim of warming up the legs ahead of the Rad Race in Berlin
on Sunday, May 13th, which will see Lezica, Cecchinato, Verardo, Marcolina and Campi at the start.