She dominated the qualification at Lambro Park and then she started the women’s final 30 seconds after the men’s start. After two laps she had already reached the group of men, on the third lap she passed in front of the peloton looking back with confidence.
With his black and red T°RED she ruled the curves with disarming safety, starting again after the bends with a motor that left the audience and the speaker open-mouthed.
She set the public on fire, with her performance pointing up her amazing shape at the start of the season, enhanced by the new body of the T°RED FACTORY RACING TEAM specially designed for fixed races.
After 40 minutes, she was the first to pass under the banner of the finish line, checking the risks at the last lap and triumphing with her fist raised in a moved cry.
A victory so clear as to seem easy, her 4th place in the overall men ranking seems almost a banality but not at all.
Elena Valentini, Italian Cyclocross champion, finished third in the Italian Championships last year and on the same step of the podium at the RedHook in Milan.
She arrived in the T°RED FACTORY RACING TEAM with many motivations and found a team that made the best material available to her.
Serenity, good atmosphere and great professionalism have immediately led to the first result in the beautiful race in Milan, second round of the Italian FIXED CUP, the fixed FCI Championship that will end in Lissone with the Italian Championship.
Elena gave fun, had fun and impressed everyone. Now, while waiting for the REDHOOK in Brooklyn, she has several frames and wheels available to find the winning combination.
Final B saw the Paralympic athlete Claudio Campi, in his third fixed race this year (he was third at the Trofeo Ondina and also raced in Montecatini) continues to amaze the public and to bite the asphalt with grit and determination.
Three T°RED athletes in the men’s A final. Piergiacomo Marcolina had to desist from belligerent intentions for a slight injury while the very young Alex Verardo and the winner of the first crit of the year in Viareggio Marco Cecchinato kept the leading group in a fast and hard-fought final where the best team was governed by a wonderful initiative of Giovanni Longo, Alessandro Mariani and Roberto Pagliaccia who arrived in this order a few seconds before the group set in a sprint by the Italian champion Martino Poccianti.
The condition of the team’s boys is growing, waiting for the official presentation on April 19th and the first REDHOOK scheduled for April 28th in Brooklyn with Elena Valentini already in great shape and Marco Cecchinato who will count on a team enriched by Argentinian champion Facundo Gabriel Lezica and by the older of the Thomas brothers, Adrien. Two champions on the track and outside.