T°RED Factory Racing Team Frigerio Viaggi brings home another podium before the trip to Berlin
for the Rad Race

Portogruaro, 10 May 2018 – The 100 laps of Portogruaro is a dominion by Piergiacomo Marcolina.
On his return to the velodrome without the “second” (Piergiacomo often runs in tandem together with
Stefano Meroni) PJ observes, runs as a champion and gets the result he deserves, a clear and
authoritative victory conquered with a two-way break at 8 laps from the end that did not even need a
sprint. At the end of the first turn of the last lap PJ took the lead and stretched with authority to the finish
line in the audience’s applause of this first official appointment at the Portogruaro velodrome.
The first goal at 80 laps saw an immense performance by Claudio Campi held back by a non-optimal
choice of gear ratio.
The last 20 laps of the race were a succession of emotions with the shots of Alex Verardo and a
Fuoriclasse action by Marco Cecchinato that broke the group by favoring an attack by Facundo
Lezica. The fresh Lombardia Regional Fixed Champion had to slow down due to a problem with the pedal
and it was then that PJ started the attack without hesitation. Smart, fast, ruthless. These are the three
adjectives to define the race of the friulan guy three days from RAD RACE, the “world” fixed that will take
place in Berlin on Sunday where our athletes will participate togethere with many of tonight’s competitors.
So after Facundo in the fixed test of Biringhello, Piergiacomo brings MANAIA RHC to victory also in the
velodrome, demonstrating the qualities of a bike born to run.
Team principal Romolo Stanco commented the results while drinking a beer with his team: “I still
remember Pier’s message after our meeting in Desenzano, he said that we had made him want to ride a
bike again. PJ is a champion, one of my dreams was to see him win with our jersey. He went close twice
in tandem and today he moved me. He deserves it.
But today was a great day for the whole team. Spectacular the race by AeroKampeey that arrived at the
finish with the best of 80 laps and a capital performance of ours. I saw Marco waiting for Sunday with such
desire and I was impressed with the “punk” actions of Verardo. Facu well, he is a champion stopped by a
broken pedal that has not stopped him from giving a show”.
A curiosity: Pier rode with the lenticular wheel of Giairo Ermeti, a wheel now “historical” that the Piacenza
champion wanted on PJ bike for the race that he enthusiastically followed thanks to the video direct.
All the staff at T°RED thanks Pier for this well deserved victory. The guys of the team are great, smiling
and enthusiastic. It was a fantastic evening, ideal starter of the Berlin trip where all the #tredders will do
their best. Follow the facebook live, social and web www.tredfactoryracing.com for all the updates!

Race details

1° Piergiacomo Marcolina T°RED FACTORY RACING
2° Omar Presti Spinace
3° Mattia Corrocher Norhwave

Eroi :
1° Simone Ghirardello Team Salvador
2° Emanuele Bolzan Julia Bike
3° Federico Gerolin Team 1971

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