Brooklyn, April 29, 2018 – A day full of emotions closed with the celebrations under the podium for the
second place of Mélanié Guedon at the Women’s Final of the first Red Hook Crit of the year in Brooklyn.
An excellent start for the international debut of the T°RED FACTORY RACING TEAM Frigerio Viaggi
which saw 4 out of 5 athletes qualify for the Final and win a second place among the women.
A Women Final marked by an accident on the 9th lap that involved Elena Valentini while leading the race
and forcing her to retire. Final in which Melanie continued to compete conquering an excellent position
dedicated to her teammate.

Many attentions also addressed to the bikes competing with the athletes. Manaia RHC attracts the eyes of
the public and opponents: the geometries designed by Romolo Stanco with the TOOT Lab show its
aggressive and fast at first glance, the graphics by Rae Martini conquer many admirers and the most
attentive eyes stop to study the technical solution choices for the bike like the dedicated thru axle fork and
the reinforced dropouts. Together with Manaia RHC the world premiere for Manaia RHC Road Replica,
designed for road crities with 1×11 gearbox (50T oval crown and 10-32 or 10-36 cassette).

But let’s go in order reconstructing the most intense day experienced since the beginning of the season.

Mélanié Guedon, expert on the track and on the road, at the first fixed race shows herself ready and
reactive to find her way. The Women’s Heat sees her compete among the first, always maintaining good
positions while studying routes, curves and competitors. She closes 8th going directly to the Women’s
Final. During the Final it competes perfectly keeping control over the opponents and reacting to the
change of weather in the afternoon that sees even stronger gusts of wind. She heats the audience and
controls the group of pursuers of winner Raphaele Lemieux, winning the sprint for the 2nd place and
getting on the podium with great satisfaction for the whole team.

Elena Valentini starts among the favorites and is in the very first positions of the Women’s Heat
controlling the opponents and often shooting in front of the others. She closes second earning a start on
the front line for the Final. She starts very well during the Final where she is in front of the group until
when in the 9th lap she is involved in an accident that forces her to retire. A bad management of an
opponent’s trajectory causes her to fall on the right shoulder. Fracture of the collarbone will be the final
sentence from the emergency room, faced by Elena with the same determination and self-consiousness
that she uses at races.

Marco Cecchinato passed the qualifications of the Heat 4, closing 12th and proving to immediately
understand the path that was completely changed compared to previous years, much more technical and
faster than those already tested in the 3 Red Hook in which he participated in Brooklyn. This let him flies
directly to the Final where he controls the other athletes and keeps good positions until the weather
worsens further and continues the race in the pouring rain but safe from possible accidents, closing in the
first group aware of his excellent preparation.

Adrien Thomas is the first athlete of the team in the races. He starts in Heat 1 studying the path and
adapting to a type of race never before faced in its cycling history. He searches for the right speed and
trajectories until he finds them, closing Heat 1 in 32nd place after seeing several athletes fall in front of
him. In the Another Chance Race 1 the greater confidence with the circuit is immediately appreciated and
it leads him to dominate the leading group for a couple of laps and then close 16th. For him no Final but a
great desire to better understand the fixed world and become its protagonist as it is protagonist on the

Facundo Lezica closes 21st in Heat 4 losing the direct passage to the men’s final. Re-enter the race for
the Another Chance Race 4 and heats the public and commentators, quickly taking the first positions and
competing in the lead until the end, winning the 2nd place and reaching the Final goal. In the Final
competes well until the second incident in front of him (the first occurred in Heat 4 where he literally
jumped over the fallen cyclists) involved him and forced him out. Fortunately only a few scratches,
scratches that do not take away the smile on his face and motivate him even more for the next race.

Next round the Italian Ravens Criterium in Ravenna, passing first from Berlin for the coveted Rad Race
where the team will face more fierce than ever the 42 km in line.

Thanks to all the sponsors who allowed the team to participate in the Brooklyn Red Hook in the best
conditions and in particular at Frigerio Viaggi that with the 24h Assistance has also quickly solved the
change of return of Elena Valentini.