Manaia RHC and Manaia RHC Road Replica: world premiere in New York for the beasts
designed by Romolo Stanco and customized by Rae Martini – optimized for use with fixed gear
and for circuits and criteriums in the 1×11 version (10-32 or 10-36).

New York – April 28th 2018 – Manaia is a name known to fans of fixed bikes: admired by many, chosen by
athletes of international caliber like Benjamin Thomas and Alex Buttazzoni, is back from NAHBS 2018 with the
prestigious Best Track Bike Award.
Even before withdrawing the award, Romolo Stanco was already working on two developments dedicated to
specific activities.
The official presentation is underway in New York, where Brooklyn RedHook 11 is taking place.
In race 5 Manaia together with the athletes of the T°RED FACTORY RACING TEAM FXD.

The first fixed-gear bike designed, designed and developed for road use:
“The road, the driving style, the characteristics of the fixed gear races require a dedicated design and different
solutions from those designed for the use of a bike on the track”, commented Romolo Stanco, Head of Design
at T°RED: “This is why, after developing the ‘Pista 6D’ version of Manaia, I started working with the TOOT Lab
team to a “crit’ version able to meet the needs of the athletes, above all those of the T°RED FACTORY RACING
TEAM that race with Manaia RHC since February “.

RHC MANAIA – TOOT fork and wheels
Dedicated frame geometries that arise from the evolution of Manaia Pista 6D, proprietary tubesets in aluminum
enriched with scandium and zirconium, aerodynamic shapes and refined details, from the seatpost to
Strangling® pendants to the V-DROP® dropouts welded along the entire chainstays.
The most important evolutiio is the development of dedicated fork and wheel: the drivability on the road requires
the use of a fork with longer road geometry and with a higher rake than the one used on the track. Romolo
Stanco did not just move on to a fork with dedicated rake and ATC, he developed TOOT TAT – ThruAxleTrack,
the first through-axle fork for fixed gear. Not a fork made out of a “disc” version, but born from scratch
around the needs of fixed road jams flanked by a dedicated wheel.
Reinforced blades at critical points, trhu axle, thin stems, 41mm rake and 368mm ATC.
The TOOT Six.1 TAT wheel has been developed in collaboration with IndustryNine. The carbon rim with 61mm
U-Drop® profile can be used with clincher or tubeless tires and is hand-spoked in Italy using a through-axle hub
developed together with IndustryNine that allows not only to have the through-axle on a non-disc hub, but also
to have 24 radial spokes, further increasing the stability and handling of the front of Manaia and enhancing the
qualities of handling and relaunching output from the typical curves of the FIXED circuits. “With an automotive
trajectory simulator software we studied the trajectories that are typically designed in the fixed crit circuits. The
turns usually have radii between 12 to 18 meters and bends from 40 to 60m of radius becoming very challenging
for the frame as you face them at a speed over 50km/h. However, unlike the track in which the banking of the
curve is driving the bicycle, in fixed competitions the most important need is to be able to drive the bike in
particular when starting from low speeds and this lead us leads to reconsidering the characteristics of the frame”
says Romolo Stanco.

MANAIA RHC – the artwork of Rae Martini
Limited edition also for the graphics, created by the artist Rae Martini, one of the greatest exponents of the
international Style Writing, known for his graffiti, tattoos, lettering and painting on canvas.
“I gave the graphic designs created for T°RED a hyper-technical, futuristic and alien taste, creating small
minimal works that surround the racing frames. The aesthetics of my work reflect the precious support: both
have a functional appearance, show countless encrypted information and a sober and essential face”.
The graphics were made by hand with drafting pen and then digitally transferred to be applied to the bike frame.
The cyclist can customize the color of the details and the fork, creating from time to time a unique object that
reflects the soul of T°RED and of those who ride.

MANAIA RHC Road Replica
A road version for the circuit races accompanies Manaia RHC.
The central point of the project is a winning combination for the ratios, thanks to the 10-32 (or 10-36) cassette
combined with the 50-tooth oval crown it is really possible to replace the classic 2×11 without compromise.
Fast, reactive, light, very stiff: it is designed to best express its performance when the limit is sought, with
geometries that enhance reactivity and speed and materials that do not fear the power even in the most extreme
sprints. The 7000 series of aluminum enriched with scandium and zirconium offers 30% superior performance to
those of the ergal, better welding performance and a lightness and stiffness comparable to the best carbon
frames. The D-THRU® dropouts with a proprietary design are optimized for the flat-mounted brake calipers, the
new rear-mounted carriage and the integrated seat post guarantee an amazing feeling. A metal creature born to
run whose sole purpose is to make you win.

Set ups

Frameset AlScaZir® exclusive tubeset
Thru-axle fork TOOT TAT
BB T47 with ENDURO bearings
Wheels TOOT Six.1 TAT
Tyres Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR (tubeless)
Handlebar Vision Metron 5D
Cranckset Vision Track
Chain Izumi Chain
Saddle Selle Italia SLR Pro Team Edition

MANAIA RHC Road Replica
Frameset AlScaZir® exclusive tubeset
Thru-axle fork TOOT T4
BB T47 with ENDURO bearings
Wheels TOOT Six.1- Nine.1 Carbon Crit
Tyres Vittoria Corsa
Handlebar Vision Metron 5D
Groupset Sram Force 1×11
Chainring 50T Absolute Black Oval
Cassette 10-32 o 10-36
Disc brakes calipers TRP SLC BLACK
Saddle Selle Italia SLR

Manaia was born on the track and grows on the road: it is available in Track Replica, Pista 6D and for use for
both disc brakes and traditional brakes: in addition to the Black and Factory graphics also a limited edition
dedicated to Fulvio Acquati, Manaia NERA FA Ltd. with 3D graphics in relief on the frame.

T°RED Bikes – The Company
The Italian company T°RED has its roots between Emilia and Lake Garda and faces the concept of “craft bicycle”
in a completely new way, contaminating with technology, research, testing, design and innovation the typical
“made in Italy” traditional craftsmanship of “doing” bicycles. The direction of the project and of the engineering
department and R&D is by Romolo Stanco, a designer and researcher with extensive experience in trying out
innovative materials and processes, as well as one of Audi’s “Innovative Thinkers”.

Parametric software and lines
3D software is used during the design process of any bike and model to provide parametric control over all the
dimensions and mechanical characteristics of the frame, including responses to stresses such as power and
weight, but also to accidental external stresses, giving the designer total control over the end result and
making it possible to develop different lines and characteristics for each cyclist.

T°RED means planning, research, testing and design. Unmatched performance and quality are enhanced by
unique objects. T°RED aims to take cycling into the 21st century, with its hi-tech, cutting-edge products. T°RED
bicycles are the result of advanced design, lab testing and analysis carried out in international research centers,
with the aim of creating bikes that are unbeatable in all conditions. Technology, materials, style and research.
Each T°RED bicycle is perfected down to the smallest detail: the geometries, the materials used, the
manufacturing processes, dynamic structural testing and lab testing all help produce results that until a few years
ago would have been unthinkable. Over twenty years of experience of Italian hi-tech craftsmanship and the level
of excellence of the firm’s partners combine to create bicycles that surpass every known limit. Romolo Stanco,
architect and designer with a past in physics, is Head of Design of the company and the mind able to blend every
mentioned aspect in unique, high-performance bicycles.
Various cyclists have chosen T°RED Bikes for their races, such as Benjamin Thomas, World Track Champion
Omnium and Madison, European Champion Omnium, Alex Buttazoni, 14 times Italian Track Champion, Giairo
Ermeti, 6 times Italian Track Champion, 5 times pro-rider at Giro d’Italia, Daniele Ratto, pro rider double stage
winner at Vuelta de España, Giulia Donato, European Track Champion at Omnium, Paolo Aste, ultracycler with
7 World Records UMCA, not to mention the 4 gold medals win by Letizia Paternoster and Chiara Consonni at
the European Championship 2017 in Anadia.

Romolo Stanco
Romolo Stanco was born in 1972. After studying physics for two years, he graduated with honors from the
Politecnico di Milano in Architecture. In 1998 he founded SmarritaCamilla Architectural Workshop, exploring
complex architecture, design and research to achieve tangible, value-packed results, as recognized by the
international press. He works on many architectural projects, striving for simplicity and poetry, as part of an
ongoing evolution that does not necessarily entail a minimalist approach. ‘Love’ is the basic ingredient in every
project. He crosses the traditional boundaries of design, blending it with art and new technologies. The Chicago
Tribune describes his work as ‘Design as Art’, while Laura Traldi, in Curve, speaks of his work as ‘Design magic’.
After working at research centers such as CNR (National Research Council) and directing the NuDe Politec
Valtellina (Centre for Innovation in Valtellina) department, he is now working with RSE (Research on Energy
System) on a number of revolutionary projects in the field of architecture, design and energy. He is one of the few
designers ‘listed’ by Artnet for the limited editions of some works published by Galleria Colombari. Since 2012 he
has been the creative director at T°RED, an innovative start-up and an experimental workshop for design,
architecture, mobility and research, which works on proprietary designs with internationally renowned
laboratories, technical and artisanal firms and industrial companies. He has won several design and research
competitions and international awards, holds more than ten patents and has a genetic intolerance to the term
Architect and founder at T°RED, he has been selected as one of the AUDI Innovative Thinkers.